Sumter County Fire Department

Sumter County and its Citizens are proud of the new Sumter County Fire Department.

The Sumter County Fire Department (SCFD) came into existence on December 1, 2009. Since its inception the SCFD has been serving the unincorporated areas of Sumter County including the cities of Andersonville, DeSoto, and Plains

The strategic station and sub-station locations were determined by the National Fire Services Office in order to offer wide spread fire coverage into Sumter County.

It is the Mission of the Sumter County Fire Department to serve and protect the citizens of Sumter County by preventing and minimizing loss of life and property through the education and preparation of the citizens and emergency first responders.

All Sumter County Fire Fighters are trained to a minimum of NPQ Fire Fighter 1, Medical First Responder, and HAZMAT Operations.

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Sumter County Burn Ordinance 2022

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